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Canberra Parks and Gardens

Explore Canberra's Botanical Gardens & Parks

Canberra Parks & Gardens - Botanic Gardens

Canberra is Australia's national capital city, located 280 kilometres west of Sydney in New South Wales. Canberra is commonly known as the 'bush' capital in reference to its abundance of parks, forests and green spaces.

As the urban centre of the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra is one of the few planned cities in the world. The original architect, Walter Burley Griffin, designed the city in harmony with the natural environment, so when viewing a map of Canberra you'll notice large pockets of greenery amongst the neatly planned city streets and structures.

A tour of Canberra parks and gardens is as essential as a tour of Canberra museums and art galleries. The Australian National Botanic Gardens is one of the city's most popular fixtures and one that draws locals and visitors to enjoy the diversity of Australian flora it holds within its boundaries. Walking amongst the garden's 40 hectares, you'll be introduced to the world's largest collection of native Australian plants, with 6,800 species at last count.

Guided tours of the Australian Botanic Gardens will introduce you to plant species from diverse landscapes within Australia, so never mind the weather you're experiencing in Canberra – a visit to the Botanic Gardens is a visit to the desert, rainforest, mountains, coastal plains and more.

The Botanic Gardens is nestled at the base of Black Mountain, another natural landscape worth exploring. There are many other Canberra gardens also worth visiting during your stay, to ensure you appreciate this city's harmonious mix of cement and soil.

Brindabella National Park

One of the most popular Canberra National Parks is Brindabella National Park, located along a road only fit for four-wheel drive vehicles.

Canberra Nature Parks

Canberra Nature Parks boast different landscapes that range from bushland hills to some of the most fertile examples of native grasslands to be found in south-east Australia.

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